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Ropes Courses
We build recreational tree-top adventure parks and ziplines for playgrounds, backyards, schools and kindergartens. With over 10 years of experience in building and running  treetop ropes course parks, we provide full service from planning to final product to turn your in or outdoor area to an adventurous playground!

​High and low-ropes courses


Adventurous treetop trails can be built to high treetops. Low-ropes course however are specially designed for smaller kids and toddlers. Linking several games including ladders, bridges, Tarzan`s jump, logs, swings and various other aerial challenges like zip lines it is a must-have feature in every playful household.Low-ropes trails don't need a special safety equipment but an adult supervision is necessary.

Materials and techniques

Rope courses can be built in natural sites and unique areas, and may even be built indoors. We use durable, sustainable materials and techniques to build our climbing parks. All our products are integrated by using techniques that are not harming the trees.


Safety is our highest priority in the design and building process. All the courses we build comply with the European standards for sports and recreation facilities (EN-15567-I) and the additional guidelines published by the European Ropes Course Association (ERCA) and the International Adventure Park Association (IAPA). They meet the safety standards in accordance with the playground equipment standard (EN-1176) and the separate standard for impact-absorbing surfacing that accompanies it (EN-1177).

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